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How To Install Decorative Ceiling Tiles Or Cover Popcorn Ceiling

How To Install Decorative Ceiling Tiles Or Cover Popcorn Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling is a type of texture that can be applied in many residential homes. Many people who are seeking a change in the design of their home may no longer want a popcorn ceiling. One way for a homeowner to change the look of their ceiling is to install decorative ceiling tiles. Decorative tiles will often be found at a local home improvement store.

No special tools are needed to install decorative ceiling tiles over a popcorn ceiling. The most common option is to use a glue or adhesive. Caulk is also used to fill any gaps that may be present once the task is completed. The application of adhesive and caulk will require the use of a caulking gun.

Prior to installing any decorative tiles, the ceiling will need to be prepared. The first task is to clean off the surface to remove any loose material. This can be done by using a wire brush or a brush will strong bristles. Once the ceiling has been cleaned, then a chalk line and tape measure are needed. Measure the ceiling to find the center.

One thing to keep in mind is to remove any fixtures on the ceiling. This includes any lights and ceiling fans that have been installed. You will need to turn off the power at the circuit panel before removing a fixture from the ceiling.

If a ceiling fan is installed in the center of the ceiling, then use this as the center point. Run your chalk line over the center of the ceiling from opposite ends. This will give you an outline for where you need to place the new ceiling tiles.

The adhesive to use for securing the tiles to the ceiling will be applied using the caulk gun. Place up to a three-inch diameter of adhesive in each corner of the first tile. The center of the tile may also need an application of adhesive. You will not need to spread the adhesive.

Press the first tile at the corner of the outline that was made with the chalk line. Keep the tile steady up to one minute. This will allow the adhesive to adhere to the ceiling. One thing to keep in mind is to see that the tile is even with the edge of the chalk line. Once the tile is set into position, then you can then set the second tile in place.

Ceiling tiles need to be placed on a ceiling in parallel rows. Make sure to keep the edges close together when setting the tiles in place. This will reduce the need to fill any gaps with caulk. Tiles often need to be trimmed or cut to fit when reaching the end of the row.

Replace the adhesive in the caulk gun with a tube of caulk. Fill in any gaps between the tiles when you have finished installing all the tiles. Applying caulk between the tiles is similar to the grout that is used for floor tiles.